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Anni Manchi Sakunamule Movie Review – No Good Omen

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Anni Manchi Sakunamule – No Good Omen


                                                Anni Manchi Sakunamule Movie Review

Cast: Santhosh Shobhan, Malavika Nair, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Gauthami, Shavukar Janaki, Urvashi, Vennela Kishore, etc.

Camera: Sunny Kurapati, Richard Prasad
Editing: Junaid Siddiqui
Music: Mickey J. Meyer
Producer: Priyanka Dutt
Director: B.V. Nandini Reddy

Release Date: May 18, 2023

Movie has Multi Genre Stories in one Story which makes audience feels, Are we watching “Kushi”, “Ala Vaikuntapuram Lo”, “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” ?.


B.V. Nandini Reddy aka B.V.N. Reddy is well known as a good film director who has made a few good films. She has a track record of delivering movies that are worth watching for the whole family with gentle humour and human values. She even have super hits like “Ala Modalaindi” and “O Baby”. Along with her, this movie is produced by the Ashwini Dutt Daughters, who are known as producers of hit movies from “Mahanati” to “Sita Ramam”. Actor Santosh Shobhan, who has created an identity for himself by acting in films recognised by the youth, has a good feeling with the trailer of this movie. And let’s see how good it is in the movie.


Movie has story with sub stories in it which is Story of Two couples, Two Business Rivals, Two Families Story starts with coffee estate legal fight between two families for rights over it But here’s a twist: That is nothing new either. Like “Ala Vaikunthapuramulo,” two children born at the same time in both of these families are reversed. Where one should grow, the other grows in alternative places. Both of them grow up to be lead cast of the movie. So far, the hero is a Happy Going person without any Goals, future plans. There is no care or fear of anything; Where heroine is quite opposite to hero where is very calculated and business-minded and both worlds are different. The attraction, repulsion, and conflict between these two eventually become what happens in all movies. That’s what it means to tell a story.?

Review Conclusion:

Movie has lots of Conflicts with mixing genres, huge cast, bounded script and other technical aspects. Also Casting Director, Pairing  not done justified, example: Rajendra Prasad, Goutami but Vasuki with Vennela Kishore brings something annoying, need to replace with Ramesh Aravind or Rehman will bring nice combination. However, Vennela  Kishore also a Good Actor than comedian. Also, doesn’t have scope for Naresh too.

A Drama Story with novelty that makes the audience sit. Where this movie from starting goes down from like water flowing from High Range Mountain. The purpose behind the manipulation of both the original children is not known. The need to run the story with other characters is also not taught. The absence of any excitement after crossing a stage gives the feeling of someone calmly walking along.

Movie Not showing any interest with due to conflict of multiple stories involved in one story. Movie has Coming of Age Romantic Film, along with Family Drama with Along with Comedy which none shows interested nor connect audience with flat narration and Audience also cant understand to choose which one.

Even the interval bang is so normal and cannot expect that Interval bang and also feel what it is interval time?

Hero Changing from Pre Interval to Post Interval is awkward. It is not difficult for the audience, who have seen thousands of movies, to imagine how the person who is not working for the interval time will change in the second half and how he will win the hearts of those who have to win in some event.

The whole second half goes on like Serial and Another Draw Back is Andhra, Telangana marriage,  with boring song where make feels audience irritates and making fun on Telangana is gives jerks to Telangana Audience. Although the revealing point in the climax is subtle, it feels dull due to the problem in the story.

Mickey J. Mayer’s music not Okay this time. The lyrics in the songs brings pleasant only one song “Anni Manchi Sakunamule”, with in the  album, but not a good song. Only We can say work of capturing Europe and Ooty is quite Okay.

Plus Points:

Santhosh Shobhan and Malvika Nair are okay.
Story Basic Plot
Digital Intermediate

Minus Points:

Dragging Screenplay, Lack  of Emotions
Length of Movie
PR work

Movie Story Plot is good and can make more neat with proper genre selection, inserting multiple genre story is main drawback for the movie. Director bring good acting from actors but main king of movie is Content which is drawback. If Story stick with one Genre then Movie is Good Omen for all especially for Struggling Good Actors like Santosh Shobhan and Malavika Nair.

Also, Make perfect Summer Movie for Family Audience

Bottom line: No Good Omen for Everyone

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