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Atharva Movie First Single Ringa Ringa Rosey lyric released

Atharva Movie First Single lyric released

Atharva Movie First Single lyric released. Song ‘Ringa Ringa Rosey’ released on the Eve of Music Director Sri Charan Pakala Birthday.

Atharva Released it’s first Single. Suspense and crime thriller films tends lack of romantic and love song tracks. But “Atharva” contains a wide range of sentiments and musical selections. Recently, a memorable song from this movie was published by its creators. The movie is being made by Nuthalapati Narasimham and Anasuyamma under the Peggo Entertainments label.


In this film,leads are played by Karthik Raju, Simran Chaudhary, and Aira. Mahesh Reddy directed the film, which was produced by Subhash Nutalapati. The executive producers are Vijaya and Jhansi.

After all complete productions are done, producer plans for a simultaneous release of this film in Indian Languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

The recently released teaser for this film received an extensive amount of buzz. The film team released the song Ringa Ringa Rosey.. Pilla Ninnu Duthi from this film on the occasion of music director Shri Charan Pakala’s birthday. Sricharan Pakala’s Music, Kittu Vissapragada’s lyrics, and Javed Ali’s voice makes song excellent. Raj Krishna’s choreography is also makes worth watching in visuals.

After the release of the song, the film’s director Mahesh added, “The teaser we released received a good response from the audience. We can easily understand from the teaser that it is an investigation thriller. The hero has been in love with the heroine since childhood but is unable to declare his feelings for her. In the film, he attempts to explain his feelings through this song.

That’s why we chose this song, as it perfectly fits the environment.  Shri Charan Pakala composed beautiful music for these songs. Happy birthday, buddy. The lyricist wrote a good tune as quickly as we asked. This film will appeal to a wide range of audiences. He assured that it would not fall short of the audience’s expectations.

Subhash, the film’s producer, stated, ‘Mother’s Day greetings to all. The audience responded positively to the teaser we released previously. The entire crew put forth a lot of effort for this film. All of the actors and technicians  contributed greatly to the film’s development. ‘I genuinely hope that everyone will support and bless our forthcoming movie,’ he stated.


Actor karthik Says, I shall always be obliged to Bhimaneni Srinivas Rao, who propelled me to the spotlight through Kausalya  Krishnamurthy’s film. I hope the song we released today is well received by the audience. In this film, everyone performed admirably. “The director has done an excellent job with the film.”Producer Subhash not only provided everything the story required, but he also produced the film very well without compromising on the budget,” he explained.


‘Though it is an investigation thriller, there are a lot of emotions in it,’ said actress Simran Chaudhary. Despite the fact that I am a dancer, I did not get to take a single step in this. The entire team was also quite helpful. Thank you to the director and producers for casting me in such an important film. Karthik, my co-star, is a really honest person. Shri Charan provided excellent music. This new tune is quite catchy. Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy our film.

‘There is no one who does not know the song Ringa Ringa,’ explained actor Gagan. Now, the Ringa Ringa Rosey song we released with such a word will undoubtedly become popular. ‘I genuinely hope that we, the director and the producers, will make a good name for ourselves with this film, which will have a good story,’ he said.

Actor Kiran Maccha said, ‘Thanks to the director and producers who gave me an opportunity to act in a film with such good content, the film turned out very well. Mr. Charan Anna’s Ringa Ringa song will definitely be liked by everyone.


Choreographer Banu Master said, ‘I was introduced to Mahesh Anna from the movie Sai Dharmatej Tikka. He has done this movie very well. Karthik Raju and Simran Chaudhary acted very well in this movie. The Ringa Ringa song released from this movie will surely be liked by everyone. I sincerely want to bless our upcoming film’, he said.


Actor Vijay Ramaraju said, ‘This movie should be a big success, and the director and producers along with us should get a good name’.

Ramana said, ‘This “Atharva” will stand as a memorable movie for everyone’.



Karthik Raju, Simran Chaudhary, Aira, Arvind Krishna, Kabir Singh Dulhan, Vijay Ramaraju, Gagan Vihari, Ram Mittakanti, Kiran Maccha, Marimuthu, Anand and others.



Presented by: Nutalapati Narasimham, Anasuyamma
Banner: Peggo Entertainments
Written and Directed by: Mahesh Reddy
Producer: Subhash Nutalapati
Executive Producers: Vijaya, Jhansi
Music: Sricharan Pakala
I am DOP Charan Madhava
Editing by SB Uddhav
Art by Ram Kumar
Lyricist : Kasarla Shyam Kittu Vissa Pragada
Choreographers Bhanu Radhakrishna Vijay
PRO : Sai Satish Parvataneni Rambabu

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