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Line Man Movie will connect to all – Thrigun

Line Man Movie will connect to all – Thrigun


Line Man Pre Release EventLine Man Actor Thrigun has earned his own distinction by doing different films in Telugu and Tamil. Now, he is ready to make a grand entry into the Kannada film industry with the film ‘Line Man’.

It is noteworthy that this movie, directed by V. Raghu Shastry, is getting ready for release in Kannada and Telugu languages. Produced under the prestigious Purple Rock Entertainers banner, the film is co-produced by Prachura.P, Kadiri Manikanth, Jyothi Raghushastri, and Bhala Studio.

The film ‘Line Man’ will simultaneously release in Telugu and Kannada languages on March 15. Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Actor Siva Kandukuri was the chief guest at the pre-release event held on Saturday and launched by the Big Ticket.

On this occasion, Shiva Kandukuri said, “After looking at the posters of ‘Line Man’, I felt that the movie is going to be very new. The trailer is very good. The stories we write and the films we make are more emotionally connected to the audience. Thanks to the director-producers who wrote and made such a movie. This film seems to be made very honestly. That is why the real Line Men were called here and honored. A good film like this should be appreciated by the audience. If new movies like this are encouraged, some people will come forward. Thrigun is a very nice person. He always tries to keep those around him comfortable. This film should be a big hit. It should be a big hit in Thrigun’s career. The film is going to release on March 15.’


Thrigun said, “It is said that the name of the person who eats is written on each dish. I am helping as a small girl with the intention of raising our level. Seeing that the ladies’ line is coming as a woman, I thought of doing this film. All this feels like a dark room, everything is fake. The money was good. Buy a car and houses and get settled. But when we make films like ‘Line Man’, we sleep peacefully at night. Now movies have no language boundaries. No one recognizes the service rendered by the Line man. I have done films in Telugu and Tamil languages. Prakash Raj produced my first film. Thanks to my producers for fulfilling my wish. Vamsi always encourages me. B. Jayashree is a famous theater artist. She received the Padma Shri award. We are happy to have such people acting in our film. I taught them Telugu. They taught me Kannada. So we shot our film in Kannada and Telugu languages. We have now become addicted to things like phone and TV. We have come to a situation where we cannot survive without electricity for an hour. How can a town be without electricity for ten days? That is the story of this movie. Its value is known when it is not there. Once there was my mother. Now she is not. I was busy with movies and did not talk much. Life is too short, too precious. This is a film that gives a message that everything is valuable. There is no strength or force to bring openings. But our story is our strength. Everyone will connect with our film. Our film is coming on March 15. Everyone should watch it and support it.”.


Nandini Reddy said, “Currently, the content of the film is changing. The story itself has become the hero. This film is also based on real incidents and shot entirely in the village. Thrigun is always trying something new. All the best to the director-producers who have made such a film.”


Vardhanpate MLA K.R. Nagaraju said, “Once upon a time, people used to watch movies for the heroes. But now the stories have become the hero. New people are coming and achieving success. I saw the trailer of ‘Line Man’. A lineman’s life is tough. Thanks to the hero and director for bringing their life on screen. I want this movie to be a big hit.”


Yatish said, “Writing and shooting the film ‘Line Man’ was an adventure. Watching real line man and observing how they work inspired this film. We strive to make such good content and concept films reach a global audience. It includes all kinds of emotions. We have shown human relationships and the value of man and humanity from all angles. The emotion of the film also goes home with the audience. We are still producing movies with similar content. Our film is coming on March 15. Everyone should watch our film and bless it.”


Vamsi said, “Yatish and Ganesh are the main characters of this movie. Thrigun gave life to this film. How many difficulties there are in the life of line men, how much they get along with the people in the villages, has been shown very well. Hats off to such line men. ‘Line Men’ is going to be a good informative film. The audience should support our film which is coming on March 15.”


Ganesh Papanna said, “We want to take local content to a global audience. We don’t make films for commercial purposes. We want to make subject-based films. Thrigun heard this story and said that he would do this film. But we wanted to make it in Kannada. Trigun said he would come to Kannada. That’s when we decided to make this film in Kannada and Telugu. This is very good content. There will be a good story. Not only the story of the line men, we have shown what happens in the villages if the electricity goes out. Our film is coming on March 15. Everyone should watch our film and support it.”


V. Raghu Shetty said, “This film shows that there is still humanity in people. It doesn’t seem to have happened in some part of India. The story is the same in every region. Everyone is emotionally connected. The audience takes the emotions home with them when they leave the theater. Watching the movie will make your eyes water. I can say that everyone will connect with the movie. I told this story to big heroes. ‘Is there a heroine? Are there fights?’ they asked. But Thrigun asked about the story. I like that quality very much. This is the story of a village. All are heroes and heroines in it. Producers need guts to accept a film like this. Watch this movie in the theater on March 15.”


Mike said, “Currently, films are coming with different concepts. ‘Line Man’ is also coming with a new point. Looking at the trailer, it seems that Trigun has acted brilliantly. All the best to the film team.”


Rajeev Chitra said, “Line Man is an interesting subject. Posters, teaser, trailer songs are all good. Trigun is an amazing actor. The film was shot in Kannada and Telugu languages. The movie is going to release on March 15. Everyone should watch and support it.”


Starring: Thrigun, Kajal Kunder, B. Jayashree, Niviksha Naidu, Harini Srikanth, Sujay Shastri, Apoorva Sri, Miko Nagaraj, Chetan Gandharva, Dilip Kumar, Sandeep Kempagowda, Sreedatta, Samarth Narsimhulu, Suhail Rasool, Gaurav Shetty and others.


Technical category:


Written and directed by V. Raghu Shastry

Production – Purple Rock Entertainers

Co-Producers – Prachura.P, Kadri Manikanth, Jyoti Raghu Shastri, Bhala Studios

Executive Producer – Ganesh Papanna

Cinematography – Shanthi Sagar H.G

Editor – Raghunatha.L

Music – Kadri Manikanth

Art – Surya Gowda

P.R.O – Vamsi Kaka, Harish Arasu

Publicity Designs – Rajso Creatives

Label – Sarigama India Limited, an RPSG Group Company

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