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‘Premalu’ Review: Hilarious ROM-COM Entertainer

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Premalu Review: Mallu Beauty, Hyderabad City Cute  Hilarious Rom Com Entertainer

Premalu Movie ReviewMovie Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Premalu Movie is ROM-COM Genre with Good Entertainment about Sachin (Naslen K. Gafoor) and Reenu (Mamita Baiju) Youthful Love Story

Movie Name: Premalu


Naslen K. Gafoor, Mamita Baiju, Sangeet Pratap, Shyam Mohan, Akhila Bhargavan, Meenakshi Ravindran, Athlaf Salim


MUSIC: Vishnu Vijay

PRODUCER: Fahad Faasil, Dileesh Potan, Shyam Pushkaran

RELEASE DATE: 08th March, 2024 (Telugu World Wide) and 7th March, 2024 (Premier Release)


Premalu Movie Review: This Film originated from Malayalam with same title under Fahad Fasil & Dileesh Pothan Production and Directed by Girish AD which has become sensation in Malayalam Film Industry. This Movie is dubbed in Telugu and Released by RRR Director S S Rajamouli’s son S S Karthikeya.

Let’s read the review of the film with Merits and Demerits.


Premalu Story: Story is about Boy Saching (Naslen K Gafoor) and Girl (Mamita Baiju)

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Movie Starts with Boy Side Sachin College Farewell Party, where he completes his engineering in Tamilnadu. Due to his shyness, he can’t propose properly to the girl he loved in the same college and gets distant with her. With Break Up with moves on.

After graduation, he plans to go to London, but his visa is rejected. Later he is not willing to stay in his hometown due to love failure and visa rejection. He moves to Hyderabad, Telangana for Gate Coaching with his friend Amal Davis (Sangeet Pratap).

On the Other Side, Girl Reenu (Mamita Baiju) from Kerala comes to Hyderabad for a software job. Her Desire to Marry with Good Handsome, Mature and Life Settled Man.

Later, Sachin falls in love with Reena at first sight in one Wedding Occasion and also becomes enemy to Adi (Shyam Mohan) who is senior to Reenu and also he likes Reenu.

So, will Sachin express his love to Reena against Adi? Did Reenu accepted Sachin’s lack of ideal husband qualities? What did Adi do in between them? If you want to know entire story, you have to watch this Hilarious Rom-Com movie in Theatres for better Experience.

Premalu Analysis:

As a story, this is not a new and fresh. What if two people with different mindsets who have just completed engineering fall in love? This movie was opened with the line. In fact, dealing with such films is like a sword.

Movie has more clean romance between pairs without touching each other by eye contact which makes more pleasurable to watch parents and kids except Nude scene of Lead Actor and Male Lip Lock between Naslen K Gafoor and Sangeet Pratap remaining is very cute and lovable

But Girish A D made excel in this film with his previous films experience. In these Movie, 90 Web Series Director Aditya Haasan made tremendous job as Dialogue along with Girish A D where his dialogues with Social Media Memes Celebrities Reference and their dialogues used in this movie and made more hilarious than Original Malayalam Movie.

Some lines make you impress such as “Kumari Aunty”, “Nakki Nakki Kadu Tokkukuntu Povali”, “Ameerpet anni training istaru, ammayilanu padeyatam tappa” which makes you laugh along with Movie run.

Aditya Haasan Dialogues make full ride Roller Coaster LOL, coming another technical is Cinematography, DI, Editor which make Hyderabad more beautiful.

Cinematography used Dolly Zoom Effects and Tracking Shots were good.

Songs are simple and feel good which plays within scenes and some direct Malayalam songs also used where viewers ignore due to content.

Also, he captures and Showed Hyderabad More Beautifully where Hyderabadi Lovers will Fall for it which is pillar of Audience Attraction in this movie.

Coming to Actors, Naslen K Gafoor, Mamita Baiju makes you fall in love with their acting skills and with charming looks. Both Shines in this film.

Rest of the Actors also makes shines with Comic Timing and Acting Skills.

Atlast, Movie is especially for Youthful and Family Entertainment Pleasures who likes to hangout with family and friends and also for Hyderabad Lovers.


Punch Line: Simplicity Mallu Beauty breaks your heart and becomes crush for Youth and Teen Boys






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    Premalu Movie is ROM-COM Genre with Good Entertainment about Sachin (Naslen K. Gafoor) and Reenu (Mamita Baiju) Youthful Love Story Title'Premalu' Review: Hilarious ROM-COM Entertainer